Universiteti POLIS ёshtё themeluar me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr. 698, dt.11/10/2006, botuar nё fletoren zyrtare nr. 114 , faqe 4475 tё vitit 2006; Fituar akreditimin institucional dhe tё programeve nga MASH (Ministria e Arsimit dhe Shkencёs) dhe APAAL (Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit tё Arsimit tё Lartё), nr.227, dt.22/07/2009 dhe nr.250, dt.14/06/2013. Me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr.746, dt.24/10/2012, U_POLIS ёshtё njohur si IAL (Institucion i Arsimit tё Lartё) me status “Universitet”; dhe me urdhёr tё MASH nr.563, dt.19/11/2012 organizon Programin “Doktoratё”.



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Higher education tradition in Albania is a product of the 20th century. The private sector alternative is also a new approach introduced in the last 2 decades by reforms that were initiated during the post-communist transitional period. What U_POLIS is unique for in this context is an almost “secessionist” approach towards past syndromes of totalitarian authority, exaggerated technicality, extreme ideology and the blocking of research and career development for young generations.

POLIS makes a clear break from such tradition, while appreciating the real values of creative Albanian and regional educational heritage through enrichment thanks to international experiences. It is not by accident that the founders and the academic leadership of POLIS are a combined product of local and top international universities of EU and Northern America.

This said, POLIS was born out of the “new spirit” of the early 90-ies. Its origin is Co-PLAN, the Institute for Habitat Development (1995), a professional research institute on civil movement,   participatory planning and good governance.  By early 2000 Co-PLAN established the “Training and Exchange Center” which in 2006 was further extended into “POLIS International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies”.

The activity first started with Architecture (2006) and a year later with City Planning (2007). POLIS was institutionally and programmatically accredited in 2009. The new programs of Applied Art-Design became operational in 2010, while Environmental Studies were introduced in 2011. In 2010 POLIS launched an “International Life Long Learning Program” formed by 6-specializations (joint-degree Master with IHS /Erasmus University Rotterdam).

A year later, in 2012, the Albanian Government conferred the status of “University”, to POLIS, a status that made POLIS eligible to run PhD Programs (a joint-degree Diploma with Ferrara University, Italy). Some new academic programs such as BSc. in Civil Engineering and Vocational School are launched in September 2013 and MBA Program, in collaboration with IPAG Business School in Paris has become operational in October 2014. 


POLIS University is a private HEI established by the decision of the District Court of Tirana No. 35386 dated 04.04.2006 and hereunder respective decisions;

  1. Licensed by the Council of Ministers Decisions VKM No. 698, dated 11.10.2006.
  2. Accredited institutionally as well as in the respective programs with hereunder orders of the Ministry of Education and Science or Ministry of Education and Sport.

Order No. 227, dated 22.07.2009, (Institutional Accreditation and MSc. 5 years)

Order No. 250, dated 14.06.2013, (Accreditation, Bachelor, MP and MSc)

Order No. 289, dated 11.07.2013, (Accreditation MND)

Order No. 187, dated 15.05.2015, (Accreditation, PhD)

Order No. 242, dated 17.06.2015, (Accreditation, Energy Efficiency)

Order No. 267, dated 20.05.2016, (Periodic Institutional Accreditation)

Order No. 266, dated 20.05.2016, (Periodic Accreditation of Urban Planning and Management)

Order No. 268, dated 20.05.2016, (Periodic Accreditation of Architecture and Urban Design)

Order No. 269, dated 20.05.2016, (Accreditation, MBA)

Order No. 270, dated 20.05.2016, (Accreditation, Civil Engineering)

Decision No. 113, dated 15.12.2017, (Periodic Institutional Accreditation by QAA)

  1. By Decision of Council of Ministers VKM No.746, dated. 24.10.2012. U_POLIS is known as Higher Education Institution with the "University";


POLIS continuously creates and maintains relationships with institutions which have a good Quality Assurance, not just local ones but also foreign. POLIS currently has three international accreditations;

  1. Annual accreditation form Italian responsible authorities for joint PhD program between POLIS University and Ferrara University, since 2013-2014 academic year and ongoing.
  2. Fulfillment of quality standards of the European Union and accreditation requirements of countries` origin, IPAG Business School, Paris, France and IHS/ERASMUS University, Rotterdam, Netherlands in collaboration which POLIS University offers three joint Professional Master programs with three profile per each of them.
  3. Program study of Urban Planning and Management accreditation by the AESOP, December 2015



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