Tirana Design Weeks (TDW) is an international academic, professional, and cultural event organized biannually by POLIS University, aimed at promoting international knowledge linked to art and architecture practices, city sciences and research activities, starting from the Albanian context and reaching out to the international scene, positioning Tirana and, more in general Albania, in the European and World map. TDW is one of the founders of Future Architecture Platform.
The previous editions successfully accomplished the mission of exposing Albania to the International Architecture and Design panorama, with important guests such as Mario Botta, Antonino Saggio, Pippo Ciorra, Greg Lindsay, Nick Dunn, Michela Magas, Ben Schouten, Alireza Taghaboni to mentions just a few.

TDW – Tirana Design Week
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Topics of TDW past editions

2023 – Design for the New World(s).

2021 – “Tirana Design Weeks” 2021 – Main topic: Post-Pandemic Right to the City

2019 – “Tirana Design Weeks” 2019 – Main topic: “Foreseeing uncertainty: Design & Non-Normativity

2017 – “Tirana Design Weeks” 2017 – Main topic: “Design for an Inclusive Future

2015 – “Tirana Design Weeks” 2015 – Main topic: “Design Now

2013 – “Tirana Design Weeks” 2013 – Main topic: “Made-in Design”