Universiteti POLIS ёshtё themeluar me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr. 698, dt.11/10/2006, botuar nё fletoren zyrtare nr. 114 , faqe 4475 tё vitit 2006; Fituar akreditimin institucional dhe tё programeve nga MASH (Ministria e Arsimit dhe Shkencёs) dhe APAAL (Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit tё Arsimit tё Lartё), nr.227, dt.22/07/2009 dhe nr.250, dt.14/06/2013. Me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr.746, dt.24/10/2012, U_POLIS ёshtё njohur si IAL (Institucion i Arsimit tё Lartё) me status “Universitet”; dhe me urdhёr tё MASH nr.563, dt.19/11/2012 organizon Programin “Doktoratё”.



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After the Academic Senate, the Rectorate is the highest leading organization which manages daily the well-functioning of U_POLIS. The Rectorate is a collegial executive body which consists of the following members:  

Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj

Dean of Faculty of Architecture and Design
Dr. Ledian Bregasi

Dean of Faculty of Urban Planning and Environmental Management
Prof. Dr. Sherif Lushaj

Dean of Faculty of Research and Development
Prof. Dr. Vezir Muharremaj


To ensure the daily well-functioning of the University the Rectorate collaborates with the Founding Board, the Dean’s Office, the Council of Professors, the Secretary, and also with the different Departments: the Legal Office, the Services Office, the Financial Office and the Administration as a whole.  The Administrator of U_POLIS can partake in the meetings of the Rectorate when specific issues are being discussed, in an advisory function.


The Rectorate’s Office reports twice a year to the Academic Senate and the Founding Board of POLIS University.




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