Universiteti POLIS ёshtё themeluar me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr. 698, dt.11/10/2006, botuar nё fletoren zyrtare nr. 114 , faqe 4475 tё vitit 2006; Fituar akreditimin institucional dhe tё programeve nga MASH (Ministria e Arsimit dhe Shkencёs) dhe APAAL (Agjencia Publike e Akreditimit tё Arsimit tё Lartё), nr.227, dt.22/07/2009 dhe nr.250, dt.14/06/2013. Me vendim tё Qeverisё Shqiptare, VKM nr.746, dt.24/10/2012, U_POLIS ёshtё njohur si IAL (Institucion i Arsimit tё Lartё) me status “Universitet”; dhe me urdhёr tё MASH nr.563, dt.19/11/2012 organizon Programin “Doktoratё”.


Student Council

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Student Council is part of the structure of U_POLIS which organizes its activity in coordination with the governing organs of the University. The primary purpose of the students’ senate is the engagement and activation of students in activities which are closely tied to the academic life and also non-academic events which promote the students’ active and social life.   

The student representation at U_POLIS has been selected through a democratic process by the student community.

Members of Student Council:

1 Aldo Hako Chair
2 Xhulio Joka          Vice Chair
3 Eni Zala Counsellor
4 Joan Leka Counsellor
5 Xhoel Leka      Counsellor
6 Reada Lemnusha Counsellor
7 Adelaida Marku Students` Representative Ark 1
8 Emili Sterjo Students` Representative Ark 2
9 Xheremi Panariti Students` Representative Ark 3
10 Ilda Kurti Students` Representative Ark 4
11 Iliada Ndoci        Students` Representative AD 1
12 Eni Zala Students` Representative AD 2
13 Prishila Gjeci Students` Representative AD 3
14 Timoleon Gjikopuli Students` Representative Plan 1
15 Paola Zhamo Students` Representative Plan 2
16 Reada Lemnusha Students` Representative Plan 3
17 Moris Misja Students` Representative Plan 4
18 Argit Perpunja Students` Representative Plan 5
19 Ramis Xhurxhi      Students` Representative SM2 2
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