The second cycle “Master of Science” (MSc) study programs at POLIS University provide in-depth, theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as training for independent research in a field within a given specialty. These programs are realized with 120 ECTS and with full duration during 2 (two) academic years. These programs are accompanied by a rich laboratory infrastructure such as: 5 Computer Laboratories, the Environment and Energy Laboratory, the IF-FabLab Laboratory, the Mola Building Materials and Structures Laboratory, the Photography, Painting and Ceramics Laboratory, the Business Incubator and the Library.

At the end of the second cycle studies, the university diploma “Master of Science” is issued according to the study program.In addition to Master Programs, Polis also offers 2 (two) 5-year Integrated Master Programs (Bachelor+MSc).

Currently, several study programs are offered at POLIS University in this cycle.

  • MASTER OF SCIENCE IN APPLIED DESIGN                                                  150,000 lekë /semester  
  • MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING                                             150,000 lekë /semester 
  • MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE                                           150,000 lekë /semester 
  • MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION                                                    150,000 lekë /semester 

Applicants who are interested in continuing their studies in one of the above programs can use the APPLY link where you can find the necessary information on the documentation you must submit and the procedures to be followed to become part of POLIS University.
The program is licensed in the Albanian language. But due to the internationalization of the school, and the presence of quality foreign staff, the second official language is English. Graduation in this program provides, according to the law, the protection of one of 5 foreign languages (preferably English at the minimum Toefl B1 level).