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Whether you are a student, staff member, or visitor, we hope you will find the services and resources you need to help you in your research and studies.

Biblio_POLIS started its journey with the opening of the university in 2006, based on the legacy of the library in the parent organization of the Co-PLAN Institute. Our continuous efforts aim to create a new standard for libraries and the creation of spaces for study and scientific research. We are making a big investment in digital content and services, trying to make our library more accessible to students and staff, 24 hours a day, wherever they are.

Biblio_POLIS furthers the university’s mission to educate engaged and accomplished citizens through our dynamic services and valuable collections. Our staff is focused on creating and cultivating physical and virtual environments for open research and academic excellence. Its mission is to serve as an information center for its users (students, lecturers, research-scientific researchers of these fields, etc.), where opportunities are offered for new knowledge and their acquisition in the most effective way. This has been achieved through the introduction of new technology, computerized services, turning this library with traditional services and physiognomy into a modern and contemporary library.

Biblio_POLIS includes printed and electronic books and materials, which belong to various disciplines, but mainly the branches of Urban Planning, Computer Science, Art-Design, Architecture, Environmental Studies, Social Sciences, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, etc. These contemporary materials include important texts written in the primary languages spoken and understood in Albania: Albanian, English, Italian. They are updated through the continuous purchases that U_POLIS makes through various national, international and online bookstores.

Biblio_POLIS subscribes to prestigious magazines such as L’Arca, Domus, Beaux Arts, Computer Arts, Detail, Regional Studies, etc., as well as the online versions of our partners, Local Public Finances, Culturetheque, etc.

In addition to the physical premises of Biblo_POLIS, where you can find over 10,000 book titles in physical format, you now have the opportunity to access two of the most diverse ONLINE libraries internationally, such as EBSCO and JSTOR. Each member of the POLIS community can use these treasures to deepen knowledge and skills in areas of interest. You can access these two online libraries by clicking on each of them:

Using them is very easy and very comfortable. Feel free to use it as much as possible, this way you will understand the value and variety of service they offer.

“POLIS Book Club” and “Book Fair @ POLIS”

For several years, Biblio_POLIS has been successfully organizing the activities of the “Book Friends Club” and the “Donate a Book @ POLIS” campaign, where students and staff are engaged.

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