The Executive Master studies program in Restoration, Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage is a non-university education organized by POLIS University in collaboration with the University of Ferrara, Italy, with the support of the National Institute of Cultural Heritage, Regional Directories of Cultural Heritage (Gjirokastër, Berat, Korçë), UNESCO and NGOs such as CHwB, AHF.

The master’s degree is in the Albanian language, but there is an obligation to graduate and protect 1 of the 5 languages provided by law, preferably English (level C1). Moreover, English is the second official language next to Albanian in Polis due to internationalization and the presence of foreign staff.

The program aims to equip students with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills to guarantee a successful career in the field of restoration, conservation and evaluation of cultural heritage in urban centers and in areas with a strong natural character. In particular, students will be able to critically analyze the existing state of cultural heritage as well as propose further interventions in line with all contemporary developments in this field.

At the end of the Executive Master’s program in Restoration, Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage, the student will be able to:

  • To understand, analyze and evaluate the current state of heritage and emergency issues;
  • To design an appropriate methodology of study and cooperation with specialists in various specific fields;
  • To have leadership, management skills and responsibility in the professional environment at every stage of an intervention;
  • To adopt a critical way of thinking in making managerial decisions and to have effective communication skills;
  • To have complete knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects of the field of restoration and cultural and natural heritage;
  • Be proficient in the use of traditional and innovative surveying equipment and various restoration techniques;
  • Have artistic sensibility and engineering knowledge;
  • To evaluate and interpret the heritage depending on the needs of the contemporary market;
  • Have scientific research skills.
  • RESTAURO  360,000 lekë /year

Applicants who are interested in continuing their studies in one of the above programs can use the APPLY link where you can find the necessary information on the documentation you must submit and the procedures to be followed to become part of POLIS University.
The program is licensed in the Albanian language. But due to the internationalization of the school, and the presence of quality foreign staff, the second official language is English. Graduation in this program provides, according to the law, the protection of one of 5 foreign languages (preferably English at the minimum Toefl B1 level).