Scientific research is an integral and essential part of higher education, and POLIS University is aware that it can do even more in this direction. We are pleased that scientific research has been part of the institutional activity since its inception.
An undeniable advantage has been the fact that POLIS University has built upon the several years of experience of Co-PLAN, an institute with a wide range of scientific research and applied projects. As a result, the process has been a transition from research to teaching, which is naturally more organic, less forced, and more sustainable than the other way around.
For applied research, also consider:

• Co-PLAN Institute

• Studio Metro-POLIS

However, despite the experience of Co-PLAN and Metro-POLIS, as well as that of POLIS University itself, scientific research, both basic and applied, remains the most significant challenge faced by the institution. It is now striving to operate at the regional and European levels to bring about tangible impact through its research activities. The core responsibility for Research and Development is held by FKZh – the Faculty for Research and Development and its research departments, not to mention the good work being done in the other two faculties.
For more information, see:

Department of Scientific Research:

• Publications and Scientific Articles
• Scientific Research within the Doctoral Program
• Master’s Level Thesis Papers
• Publications by Polis-PRES Publishing House

Department of Applied Research:

• Applied Projects
• Final Works of Post-Secondary Vocational School Diplomas

The implementation of knowledge gained through continuous scientific research and academic work has shown results by winning the following projects:
• National Projects
• Bilateral Projects
• European and International Projects