Master of Science in Applied Design

Master of Science in Applied Design

Master in Applied Design (120 ECTC, 2 academic years, full-time)
Professional profile

This study program aims to provide in-depth knowledge in applied design concepts that contribute to the creation of a newly trained expert. Based on the international experience regarding the relationship that art and design schools have with those of architecture, we think that creating a study program for applied design alongside that of architecture would mutually help both of these study programs, as it would strengthen the dimension of design at a school with a foundation in architecture such as POLIS University. The proposal presented in this study program creates this expert profile focused on the applied aspects of the design of objects with practical value and in this sense is an innovation. Applied design is considered the combination of formative activities related to two main components: applied arts and engineering. Industrial design, graphic design, interior design, applied arts, multimedia, as well as functional arts are considered as such. Often architecture and photography are also classified here.

Employment opportunities
The main employment sectors include:
– The private sector of artistic studios; independent artists, including the applied part of art; the “industry” of marketing, publishing, media in general, clothing, fashion, furniture production, the designer as the person who curates the image; in the field of interior design of houses and premises, etc
– Public sector: at the different levels of government, to tackle with a new spirit the issues related to the education of aesthetic taste and which have a high degree of social impact.


Semester I

Advanced Modeling 1 (6 credits)
Graphic and Industrial Design (6 credits)
Advanced Geometry in Design (6 credits)
Advanced Multimedia Design 1 (6 credits)
History and Theory of Design 1 (6 credits)

Semester II

History and Theory of Design 2 (6 credits)
Advanced Multimedia Design 2 (6 credits)
3D Digital and Parametric Design (6 credits)
Interior Design Studio and Theory (6 credits)
Advanced Modeling 2 (6 credits)

Semester III

Product Development (6 credits)
Scientific research methods (3 credits)
Diploma Thesis and Project (Diploma Studio) (6 credits)
Entrepreneurship (6 credits)
Advertisement and Communication Web Design (6 credits)
Interior Design (6 credits)

Semester IV

Professional Internship (6 credits)
Introduction to Marketing (Workshop) (6 credits)
Interactive and Game Design Systems (6 credits)
Alestim (3 credits)
Thesis and Diploma Project (6 credits)