Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science in Business Administration (MScAB with 120 ECTC, 2 academic years, full-time)

Professional profile:

The Master of Science in Business Administration (MScAB) study program at “POLIS Business School” is designed according to a creative worldview in entrepreneurship, based on the excellent tradition of the MBA Program (Master in Business Administration) that POLIS University has developed for about a decade as Joint Diploma (Joint-Diploma, 90 credits with extended time, 2 years of study) with IPAG Business School, Paris, France, thanks to which U-POLIS raised its capacities in this field. This program has now been reorganized based on changes in Albanian legislation into a Master of Science in Business Administration with a focus on innovation and leadership in entrepreneurship.

The Scientific Master’s Program in Business Administration offers knowledge in the traditional fields of entrepreneurship and business such as: strategy and marketing, human resources, finance, etc., as well as in innovative profiles, including those of digital business, innovative entrepreneurship, leadership, financial audit, economics circulation and environmental, etc. MScAB aims to equip students with scientific knowledge and practical skills which are developed through the most advanced pedagogy in the field of business such as the “Harvard Case Method” (through case studies) and various specialized literature in the field from the databases of updated scientific journals, or even those with wider use such as “World Economic Forum”, “Financial Times”, “Harvard Business Review”, etc.

The MScAB program closely cooperates with the Business Chamber in the Diaspora, as well as with the IF Innovation Factory @ Polis University, including the digital FabLab “MakersSpace” and the Incubator of innovative entrepreneurship for students and alumni “TiranaInc.” The incubator is an initiative of 5 Albanian universities: POLIS, Metropolitan, UT, UPT, Epoka, supported by EU4Innovation, GIZ, SIDA and Tirana Municipality.

Employment opportunities:

The combination of scientific-applicative aspects with the concrete problems of business and entrepreneurship as a whole, makes the MScAB program for our students a cross-functional employment instrument (including most business departments in companies and the private sector) and cross-sectoral ( i.e. both in the public and private sector). Specifically, graduates from this program can be employed in various departments of the Public Administration (such as the department of procurement, finance, human resources, marketing, communication, etc.). As for the private sector, MScAB students have advantages in departments such as human resources, economics, marketing, production and logistics, sales, customer relations, finance and accounting, audit, quality management, etc. Also, another option is self-employment or family business through private and social enterprises, which remains a very attractive option in today’s market trends. Since the program is a Scientific Master, it is also suitable for that category of students who have a passion for academia and research, enabling a career in higher education and research institutions or other educational and study organizations, NGOs, Institutes, Associations or Chamber of Commerce, etc.


Semester I

Advanced Marketing (6 ECTS)
Finance (6 ECTS)
Operations Management (6 ECTS)
Managerial Economics (6 ECTS)
Business Management (6 ECTS)

Semester II

Strategic Management (6 ECTS)
Corporate Finance and Equity (6 ECTS)
Human Resource Management (6 ECTS)
Business Law (3 ECTS)
International Business (6 ECTS)
Leadership (3 ECTS)

Semester III

Corporate Social Responsibility (6 ECTS)
Competitive Strategy (6 ECTS)
Research Method (6 ECTS)
Business Analysis (6 ECTS)
Thesis and Diploma Project (Project Proposal) (9 ECTS)

Semester IV

Digital Business (6 ECTS)
Financial Audit (6 ECTS)
Thesis and Diploma Project (9 ECTS)
Professional Internship (6 ECTS)