A Glimpse At The Past

A Glimpse At The Past

POLIS University is a “Space for Thinking” on spatial development policies, applied design and technology, as well as for leadership and entrepreneurship! The mission of U_POLIS is to provide “Knowledge, Technology and Leadership”

Through scientific and applied research, U_POLIS develops and promotes “scientific excellence and innovation”. Through academic education, it improves creative and comprehensive competence.

U_POLIS is a national and regional educational platform in the territory of the Western Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, aiming to create a new generation of “socially responsible” professionals and scientists. POLIS pays special attention to the involvement of students in education based on scientific research, engaging in community projects, providing concrete services for local government, as well as scientific research, developmental and innovation programs – focused on communities of civil society, entrepreneurship and public authorities.

U_POLIS offers a “focused range of studies” in Art-Design, Architecture, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies, Engineering and Technology, Public and Private Administration, as well as other post-secondary and post-university profiles. At U_POLIS, studies are offered at four levels: i) Professional Education; ii) Bachelor, iii) Professional and Scientific Masters; and iv) Executive Master and Doctoral programs, as well as LLL (long-life-learning) trainings and certificates valid for licensing.

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