Master of Science in Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering

Master in Civil Engineering (120 ECTC, 2 academic years, full-time)
Professional profile

The purpose of the Scientific Master’s Study Program in Construction Engineering is to prepare students professionally as Civil Engineers in Geotechnical and Structural profiles with the possibility of integration in a multidisciplinary work context in both the private and public employment sectors. This second-cycle study program can be considered as a continuation of the first-cycle studies of those programs that provide broad-based training in the field of construction engineering. The division of studies into the two relevant profiles such as Geotechnical and Structural aims to prepare experts for the labor market in Albania and Europe.

Employment opportunities
The main employment sectors include:

– Private sector: architectural and engineering design and construction enterprises, consulting firms, contractors, freelancers in the design, construction and maintenance of a variety of projects; engineering and architectural design studio.
– the services and industrial production sector in the field of construction (materials, equipment, etc.)
– Public sector: local authorities or government agencies; at the different levels of government; starting from the municipalities and municipalities up to the district or regions;
– Local and foreign scientific research institutions that focus on the field of construction, such as construction technology and construction materials, design standards of various objects related to the function for which they are designed, technical standards of architectural details, etc.


Semester I

Dynamics of Structures and Seismic Engineering (6 credits)
Reinforced Concrete Constructions 2 (6 credits)
Advanced Theory of Structures 1 (Energy Method) (6 credits)
Architectural Design 1 (6 credits)
Numerical Method (3 credits)
Advanced Construction Materials (3 credits)

Semester II

City Technology and Infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Tunnels) (6 credits)
Hydrotechnical constructions (6 credits)
Probability and Statistics (3 credits)
Advanced Theory of Structures 2 (Stability) (6 credits)
Rock Mechanics (6 credits)
Architectural Design 2 (3 credits)

Semester III

Restoration and Reinforcement of Structures (6 credits)
Soil Dynamics and Seismic Geotechnics (6 credits)
Experimental and Road Geotechnics (6 credits)
Slope Stability (6 credits)
Foundations Under Vibration (3 credits)
Deep Foundations (3 credits)
Metal Constructions 2 (6 credits)
Foundations with Pilots (3 credits)
Thesis and Diploma Project (9 credits)
WSHP TAW 2021 (3 credits)

Semester IV

Advanced Computational Structural Analysis and Design (6 credits)
Geotechnical Computational Analysis and Design (3 credits)
Reinforced Concrete Constructions 3 (Special) (6 credits)
Advanced Research Methods (3 credits)
Thesis and Diploma Project (9 credits)
Diploma Thesis and Project (Geotechnics) (18 credits)
Professional Internship (9 credits)