The second cycle study programs “Professional Master” at POLIS University provide in-depth, theoretical-practical knowledge, as well as training for work and independent research in a field and within a specific specialty. These programs are realized with 60 credits and with a normal extension time of 1.5 academic years (or 3 semesters). They are designed for those who work and learn. Participants in these programs must have previously completed studies and graduated at least at the Bachelor’s level. But there are many participants who follow these programs after university studies (MSc), who do this specialization as LLL education (Life Long Learning) as an opportunity to specialize, adapt and promote in the labor market. At the end of the second cycle studies, a “Professional Master” university diploma is issued according to the study program.

The study programs of the second cycle “Professional Master” at U_POLIS are realized today based on the previous excellent experiences of international cooperation, in similar programs with 90 credits, which were implemented for more than a decade in cooperation with foreign institutions of higher education, which helped U-POLIS to raise its capacities, specifically as follows:

• with IHS / Erasmus University, Rotterdam Holland, for the “Territory Policy and GIS Applications” program with specialties in: Housing, GIS, and Social Issues and Human Resources (within the framework of the “MATRA Social Transformation” Program of the Dutch and Albanian governments)

• with LTU Lawrence Technological University, Detroit Michigan, USA; and the Nitro-Saggio Research Group / La Sapienza University, Rome Italy, for the “Parametric Design” program with specialties: Architecture, Aesthetic Structures, and Urban and Landscape Design.

These programs have just closed their operation successfully and have been reorganized based on Albanian legislation into 2 Professional Master programs with 60 credits, with extended time (3 semesters), in such a way that they come to the aid of those who work and study”

• Professional Master in Digital Architecture – (60 credits, 3 semesters, with extended time)
• Professional Master in Territorial Planning and GIS – (60 credits, 3 semesters, with extended time)

  • ADVANCED DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE        180,000 lekë /semester 3 semesters
  • PLANNING/GIS                                                180,000 lekë /semester, 3 semesters

Applicants who are interested in continuing their studies in one of the above programs can use the APPLY link where you can find the necessary information on the documentation you must submit and the procedures to be followed to become part of POLIS University.
The program is licensed in the Albanian language. But due to the internationalization of the school, and the presence of quality foreign staff, the second official language is English. Graduation in this program provides, according to the law, the protection of one of 5 foreign languages (preferably English at the minimum Toefl B1 level).