Academic Senate

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of POLIS University is a governing board of the institution that consists of 19 people representing all units, including academic-research, administrative staff and students.

The Academic Senate is chaired by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj, and operates on the basis of the legal definitions on higher education in the Republic of Albania, as well as the University Regulations. The Senate meets periodically throughout the year and examines substantive academic, scientific and administrative issues, the opening of new programs and their proper functioning, guaranteeing quality and standards, etc., in accordance with the mission and values of U_POLIS.

Meetings of the Academic Senate at POLIS are usually open to all University staff, as the aim of the Academic Senate meeting is to guarantee the most transparent, democratic and inclusive governance.

Members of the Academic Senate:

1Prof. Dr. Besnik AliajHead
2Prof. Dr. Sherif LushajMember
3Prof. Emeritus Luljeta BozoMember
4Prof. Dr. Tamara LuarasiMember
5Prof. Dr. Gjergji IkonomiMember
6Prof. As. Xhimi HysaMember
7Dr. Ledian BregasiMember
8Dr. Skender LuarasiMember
9Dr. Godiva RembeciMember
10Dr. Klodjan XhexhiMember
11Dr. Elona KarafiliMember
12Dr. Sonja JojicMember
13Dr. Fabrizio AimarMember
14Dr. Llazar KumarakuMember
15Dr. Sotir DhamoMember
16Dr. Valerio PernaMember
17Kejsi VeselaguStudent representative
18Ina ThanoStudent representative
19Amela SerdaniStudent representative