Student Clubs

Student Clubs

The POLIS community has a network and a rich social, artistic and intellectual life. Independent “Clubs” operate in POLIS, but they share the same values, mission and common philosophy of U_POLIS. Some of the most prominent social clubs are:

“Arch_House” – an alternative space for periodic social meetings and exposure and discussion of various issues of interest to students, staff and partners;

“Googoats” and “El Peor” – alternative student clubs, where there is a strong presence of the “internet cafe” service and where the POLIS community usually meets with other professional circles in Tirana or foreign visitors. In these environments, academic and concrete projects are often worked on, in the conditions of an atmosphere as informal and relaxed as possible;

–  “Sports Club: Get Fit & Fun” – periodically organizes sports events, such as aerobics, volleyball, basketball, as well as the football championship of U_POLIS

“Kulturoteka POLIS” – is one of the POLIS projects under construction, which will radiate the culture, style and taste of the ‘POLIS model’ in Tirana;

“Walking The City”  Club – that stimulates the environmental, cultural, tourist and sports movements of pedestrianization and the use of bicycles in the city, periodically organizing free walks on alternative itineraries, outside the motorized corridors of the cities, contributing to the recognition and awareness of an alternative city, which many of us have it but do not know it well.

The “Artistic Activities” Club: includes a group of interests and students who wish to develop their artistic talents in their free time and in university settings. The show “POLIS got Talent” summarizes in one big event most of the students who want to perform in singing, instruments, acting, etc., where with their performances every year, they make that day turn into a day of celebration in POLIS.

The “Social-Cultural Activities” Club: represents the grouping of activities with a social and cultural character, which is presented in the organization of educational tours, parties, voluntary activities, etc., where one of the most successful is the “Debate Club” of which takes place every year in POLIS, in cooperation with Junior Achievement Albania.

Barbecue & Volleyball


Debate Club