Xhimi Hysa

Associate Professor of Management


Planning & Management


Prof. Assoc. Dr. Xhimi HYSA is Professor of Business Management at POLIS Business School (PBS). Prof. Hysa has over 15 years of academic experience at the national and international level. He has taught at “La Sapienza” University, LUISS Business School, Hochschule Mainz School of Business, EPOKA University and the University of Tirana, among others. Prof. Hysa is recognized as one of the academic pioneers in Eastern Europe for the social business movement. Along with the Nobel Prize, Prof. Muhammad Yunus, he co-founded in Albania the Yunus Research Center for Social Business, the first of its kind in all of Eastern Europe. Prof. Hysa is also an entrepreneur and business consultant. Among the organizations advised by Professor Hysa are the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Education and Sports in Albania.


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