Valerio Perna



Research Center in Architecture, Engineering and Design


Valerio Perna (Rome, 1988) is an architect and PhD in “Architecture – Theory and Design” at Sapienza – University of Rome. During his studies, he was a Visiting Scholar at AUAS Amsterdam and lectured and taught at several universities in Iran, Sweden, Albania, and Kosovo. He is currently employed at POLIS University (Tirana, AL), where he is Coordinator of the INNOVATION_Factory (IF), Head of the Research Center in Architecture, Engineering and Design, and Coordinator of the Professional Master in Digital Architecture. His research agenda explores the role of games and game-based processes in contemporary architectural practice to address the complexity and behavioral phenomena in the urban fabric. Valerio has published in several international journals and has been invited as a speaker in European and Asian countries. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of architectural magazines and series such as archiDOCT | open access journal for the dissemination of doctoral research in architecture, FORUM A+P – Interdisciplinary Journal of Architecture and Scientific Environment, OMB series, Gli Strumenti series, etc… In 2020 he published his first monograph L’attività ludica come project strategy. Rules of libertà per una grammatica del gioco in architettura (Quodlibet).


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Aliaj, B., Perna, V. (2021) From “Neither East Nor West” to “We Want Albania as Europe” Reflections on POLIS University and its implementation of resilience development models in Albania. In Valentin, N. (eds) Albania nel terzo millennio. Architettura, città, territorio, Roma: Gangemi Editore International;

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