Sotir Dhamo

PhD in Architecture and Urban Planning


Planning & Management


Dr. Sotir DHAMO is one of the founders of POLIS University and is currently the Administrator of the Founding Board of this university. Sotiri graduated as an urban architect in 1988 and has a long professional, practical and academic experience in these fields. Since the beginning of the 90s, he was involved in studies and projects within the framework of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism and further contributed to governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Public Works and non-governmental organizations such as Co-PLAn, etc. Subsequently, Sotiri received an Executive Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Syracuse in the USA, as well as other qualifications or evaluations at the academic level. Sotiri has been an external lecturer for several years in the architecture department at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, while he currently lectures at Polis University in the subjects Urban Design and Analysis of Territory and Settlements. Among other things, Sotiri is co-founder of the Metro_POLIS studio with activity in the field of architecture; co-founder of the A+P Forum, the only scientific periodical in the field of architecture and city planning. Sotir Dhamo is also active in projects related to city planning in Albania and neighboring regions; He also carries out research activity within the framework of the POLIS University research unit; and plays an active role as a member of civil society in the framework of AUA, the Union of Albanian Architects and Planners.


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