Rezart Struga



Art and Design


▪ MP. Business Administration/Finance Accounting – Faculty of Economics, Government and Law, BARLETI University, 2022
▪ Energy Auditor – POLIS University, 2020
▪ MSc. Applied Design – Faculty of Architecture & Design, POLIS University, 2014
▪ MSc. Urban Design Architecture – Faculty of Architecture & Design, POLIS University, 2012


• Co-founder, Architect & Technical Director of STUDIOARCH4 – 2015 – ongoing
• Founder, Auditor & Technical Director of ARCHITECH – 2021-ongoing
• Lecturer at Polis University, Department of Architecture & Design – 2021 – ongoing
• Architect at Metropolis 2010-2015


Rezart Struga, after completing his architecture studies at Polis University in 2012, continued with a second specialization in Applied Design at the same institution. The first professional experiences created near the POLIS university and Studio METROPOLIS helped to create the STUDIOARCH4 office, an office which was co-founded together with 3 of his colleagues, friends, and friends. The various experiences of several years helped to create the profile as a technical director of StudioArch4 assisting in the creation of important objects of educational, cultural and social character as well as in the massive housing and service industry in our country. Among the most appreciated facilities, both by local and international experts, we can mention the Servete Maci and Qazim Turdiu 9-year-old schools, Lidha e Prizëren kindergarten, Paskuqani Park, as well as many residential and service residences inside and outside the country. In 2021, Rezarti is certified as an energy auditor and co-founded the audit studio ARCHITECH. In the same year, he returned to POLIS University, this time in the auditorium to share his experience. The need to deepen knowledge in the field of business led Rezarti to pursue master’s studies in Business Administration, Finance Accounting profile, graduating in 2022 at Barleti University.


▪ Kaisserschnitte, TU Vienna, Austria (2011)
▪ Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (2012)
▪ Sicily Lab, Sicily, Italy (2012)
▪ Projecting through participating in Balkan cities, Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany (2012)
▪ Tirana Architecture Week, Tirana, Albania (2012)
▪ Tirana Architecture Week, Tirana, Albania (2013)
▪ Tirana Design Week, Tirana, Albania (2014)
▪ City for people with disabilities/Equal dreams, equal opportunities/Together Foundation and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (2016)
▪ Mediterranea 18 Tirana, Albania (2017)
▪ SHARE, Tirana, Albania (2020)
▪ Tirana Design Week, Tirana, Albania (2014)