Ornela Şen


Ornela ŞEN

Architecture and Civil Engineering

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Ornela has completed her university studies and her scientific master’s degree at Epoka University, in the branch of Civil Engineering, in the Structure profile. The subject of the master’s degree was on the evaluation and retrofitting of existing masonry constructions in Albania. He then continued his doctoral studies at Izmir Katip Celebi University, in Izmir, Turkey. The studies and topic of the doctorate have been focused on the study, modeling and evaluation of reinforced concrete constructions. In the topic of the doctorate, it was specially dealt with the constructions with petashučučka beams. During this period, she had experience as a structural engineer in the design office, and in university-affiliated projects for the evaluation and retrofit of reinforced concrete structures. Main research interests include modeling issues and aspects of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, finite element modeling, non-linear analysis, structural systems, and soil-structure interaction.


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