Nikolla Vesho

Lecturer in the fields of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Architecture and Civil Engineering


Dr. Nikolla Vesho is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Also in the Postgraduate Master in Restoration “Polis-Ferrara Joint Program”.
Dr. Vesho has the profile of Structural Engineer and PhD in Architecture in the field of Restoration.
He is a lecturer in the subjects “Construction Science 1&2, Theory of Structures, Engineering Statics, Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Seismic Retrofitting Technologies, etc.”, with an academic experience of 6 years, 5 of which at Polis University. Ing. Vesho has been the initiator of BIM applications in design, mentioning the applications in the auditorium with the relevant classes but also in concrete projects in Albania and Greece. Currently, in the field of Restoration, the methodology of his doctoral study is being applied with a focus on “Optimization of restoration traditions using innovative methods and specific algorithms through BIM, hBIM, MEP & FEM tools”.
Ing. Vesho has made a scientific contribution with articles and in the field in the field of Seismic Engineering and Antiseismic Design in Albania. He assisted in the technical expertise after the earthquake of November 2019 in Durrës and Tirana with the groups of engineers in the field, also engaging some of the Civil Engineering and Architecture classes of Polis University.


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