Mimoza Karafili


Mimoza Karafili

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Mimoza Karafili is a Lecturer in Mathematics specializing in the subject of Analysis and Algebra, Geometry. Mimoza graduated in 1980 from IAL “A. Xhuvani” Elbasan, Mathematics-Physics department. In 1995-1996 at the University of Elbasan, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics Branch, supplementary exams from 3-year to 4-year. 1988-1989 at the University of Tirana, Post-University School Specialization in Mathematics. Mimoza Karafili has 34 years of experience in teaching (of which 19 years in secondary education and 15 years in higher education) and 10 years of experience in education management (Pedagogical Cabinet, Educational Director). In 2015, he received the title of Docent from the Ministry of Education. Since 2018, he is a full-time academic staff at Polis University.