Manjola Hoxha

Head of the Internal Quality Assurance Unit


Resource and Information Center


Dr. Manjola Hoxha is a qualified professional in Higher Education in Albania working directly with students, academic and administrative staff, and other institutions related to education issues, as well as a lecturer at POLIS University, Tirana.

Her academic career started at the Selcuk University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Study Program: International Relations (Bachelor + Master of Science Degree), Turkey, continued with Master of Second Level (MND), in Political Science and International Relations, (third cycle), at Epoka University, and completed her Doctorate studies at University of Tirana, Institute for European Studies, Topic: “The directions of Albania’s Foreign Policy in the post-communist transition period”.

Her main interests are related closely with higher education issues such as quality assurance, accreditation processes, management of documentation, human resources, legal issues in higher education, management system etc..

She has more than 15 years’ experience in higher education acted as Head or Coordinator of different offices such as Admissions Office, Registration Office, Law Office, Human Resources Office, and Quality Assurance Office, team member or team leader of the Internal Evaluation Groups concerning the process of external evaluation and accreditation by Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education of numerous study programs offered by POLIS University etc.. She has participated in many Erasmus + projects as the Project Quality Committee Member, as well as she is participant in a number of trainings, forums national and international conferences.

Currently she is Head of Internal Quality Assurance Unit at POLIS University.


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