Malvina Istrefaj



Scientific Research


Malvina is an architect, graduated in 2012, at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of POLIS University, with the title of Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design. After completing her studies, Malvina focused her research activities, in the professional Master’s program in the field of Housing and Infrastructure Development. These studies, directed by POLIS University in collaboration with the IHS-Erasmus Institute in Rotterdam, developed her interest in the urban context and the architectural influence on the life of cities. Malvina’s main commitment, since 2013, is as part of the full-time academic staff at POLIS, where she completed her doctoral studies in the joint program between POLIS and Ferrara University in September 2021, with the research on “Typology and Design Communist Hotels in the Albanian Context”. At the same time, Malvina’s involvement in POLIS also develops in other parallel processes, such as: Managing the “Student Support and Career Counseling Office”, the “Alumni” Association, as well as the Coordination of the Executive Master’s in Restoration, Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage. Among other professional experiences, Malvina has contributed to several international projects at POLIS, such as “GRADUA”, “IDEA”, “DRIVE” (2019-2023), 6-month research project at the University of Molise (2018), workshops in the framework of the Doctoral Program (2021), Moderation of Tirana Architecture Weeks (2020), etc.


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