Klodjan Xhexhi

Doctor of Science in Architecture


Applied Research


Dr. Klodjan XHEXHI is the Head of the Department of Applied Research at the Faculty of Research
Development. Dr. Klodjan Xhexhi has 13 years of academic experience at the national level and
international, giving his contribution to teaching at FAU (Faculty of Architecture and
Urbanism); and Epoka University. He currently holds the position of Head of the Department
of Applied Research at Polis University, Tirana, Albania. He has always been in touch with
professional literature in the field of architecture, expressing great interest and passion
for it.
His career as a professional designer in the field of architecture began in the year immediately after
graduation. Being part of a well-known design studio in Tirana, Albania (Studio Enigma) as
and after one of the most important groups in Albania (Hysenbelliu Group), he also has one
extensive experience in the field of design and implementation by designing and implementing a series of works
important architectural.
He has published a number of publications and participated in various international scientific conferences.
Immediately after receiving the degree of “Doctor”, he published his first book in the field of architecture.
His interests are mainly focused on the field of construction materials, technology
sustainable architecture and design.


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Certificate in: “Energy Auditing” course – Polis University
Universiteti Polis, Albania- Universita dei studi Molise, Itali