Ilda Rusi

Doctor of Science


Architecture and Civil Engineering


Dr. Ilda RUSI is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, at the same time coordinator of the Civil Engineering program at Polis University.
Dr. Ilda RUSI is a lecturer in the field of construction engineering with 7 years of academic experience. She has taught at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, as well as at Polis University since 2017. Ilda is also a construction engineer with about 14 years of experience as a co-author of several projects, resorts, residential and service complexes, industrial buildings and residential villas.
Dr. Ilda RUSI is a participant in a number of trainings, as well as an organizer of forums, symposiums, national and international conferences. Ilda is also the author of several national and international publications in the field of “Structural Systems with Vertical Bearing Elements in Multi-Storied Buildings”, “New Technologies in Construction”, “Advanced Methods for Concrete Evaluation”.


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