Gentjan Hykaj



Architecture and Civil Engineering


For years he has worked as a Biology teacher in pre-university education (AML) and a pedagogue nw lwndwt e metodikws sw Biologyw. He has defended all levels of qualification with excellent results. I have participated and been certified in many trainings in the field of curriculum implementation, evaluation and school management. It has also participated in several national projects in the field of education.
Since 2013, I have obtained the Degree of Doctor of Sciences in the field of Population Genetics. In the academic field wshtw referent of scientific works in 13 national and international conferences, and author or co-author in 16 scientific articles, of which 2 with Impact Factor. As a Biology teacher at Gjimaz “Asim Zeneli” he had excellent results in the State Matura, being declared “Teacher of the Year 2021”.
In cooperation with AOS (Albanian Ornithological Society) I have established the Conservation Youth Club of Gjirokastra, a youth club for the protection of the Cuckoo Horse, organizing awareness-raising activities and field monitoring activities.
Since May, he has joined the internal staff at U-Poilis as a lecturer in the Department of Environment.


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