Flavjo Cyci



FABLAB – Research Center in Architecture, Engineering and Design


Flavjo Çyçi – Has been part of Polis University since 2016, as a student in the architecture department, where he completed his Integrated Scientific Master’s studies. After finishing his studies, due to his good graphic/computer skills and talent, he became part of the staff of “IF Innovation Factory”, a ‘Fab-Lab’ type laboratory which focuses on innovation in various fields through 3D-printing technologies. Flavjo’s field of specialization is “computational design logics”. This specialty makes the difference between different modeling tools.

In addition to the tools that every software possesses, Flavio possesses a series of general techniques such as modeling of rough surfaces, modeling of organisms, modeling of ‘quads’, sculpting, etc. Ark. Flavjo Çyçi also assists teaching at Polis University since 2020 in subjects such as: Caad; Digital and parametric design; and Interactive Gaming Systems. Modeling or recreating an object is a deep process of learning and understanding it. Different tools give different possibilities for its creation, such as pencil and paper, or chisels in stone, and clay for sculpture. So different tools create new mediums for shaping a form. This is also his research focus at Polis.

Flavjo is also in the process of completing a Professional Master’s specialization in Digital Architecture at Polis University. He also assists in the implementation of digital design training LLL courses.