Endri Duro



Architecture and Civil Engineering


MSc. Endri Duro is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Engineering. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Civil Engineering, profile: Geotechnics at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Since 2019, he is a doctoral candidate in the international doctoral program (International Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning – IDAUP) cycle XXXV offered by POLIS University and the University of Ferrara in Italy.
The focus of the doctoral studies is related to natural disaster risk issues and the integration of information within planning instruments. During the period February-June 2022, he was part of a mobility program at MINHO University, Portugal.
Areas of academic and professional interest are related to various geotechnical issues and problems; design of shallow and deep foundations, stability and stabilization of natural and artificial slopes, reinforcement of foundations, stability of construction pits, investigations and analyzes in the field and laboratory for determining the physical-mechanical parameters of foundations, etc.
He is currently a member of the Association of Geotechnicians of Albania (AGS) and the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).


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Duro E. (2022). Gjirokastër Fortress Hillside. Geotechnical hazards assessment and stabilization measures as key factors for the fortress preservation. 342-349. ISBN: 978-9928-347-04-6 (Vol. 7, pp. 342-349) OMB Series