Emel Petërçi

Emel Petërçi



Scientific Research


KDr. Emel Petërçi is a Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at Polis University, where he has worked as such since 2018. From 2020, she is part of the Faculty for Research and Development (FKZH) in the Department of Scientific Research.

KDr. Emel Petërçi is in the last year of his PhD in a joint PhD program between Polis University, Tirana and the University of Ferrara, Italy, with the topic “Constants of Sacred Architecture. A conceptual tool to identify the sacred”. Her research interests include both the cultural heritage aspects of their digitization and documentation as well as the typological aspects where she has mainly focused on converted sacred spaces.

In addition to her work in the academic field, she contributed as an Architect and Urban Designer from 2015 to 2018 at Studio MetroPOLIS sh.p.k. Most of her duties have been in cooperation with local and private authorities, managing projects of various scales and types.


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