Artan Kacani

Urban Planning and Policy Evaluation and Design


OMB/UNECE – Sustainability Research Center


Dr. Artan Kacani, (1988), has a broad experience in housing rights, urban geography, cities’ history, human capital, and policy/program evaluation. Since 2007, Artan has been active in various ethical and political discussions of housing rights, including No-Expo Committee in Milan, Offtopic Lab, and many other groups working actively for the right to the city, in Italy and Albania. On various TV programs, you can find his position, and suggestions regarding the transformations in Tirana, and Durrës, like the case of the neighbourhood “5 Maji”, “Veliera”, “Materniteti Nëna Geraldinë”, the Roman Amphitheatre in Durres, or about the National Port, and on many other projects.

Actually, Artan is working on the genuine interest of students as people, rather than on a research focus. Prioritizing time for the students and supporting them as they develop. 


Kacani. A, (2021) Liminality Articulations in Territorial Development: A Research On Biopolitics And Property Right Theories.  RURBAN SEQUENCES Inquiries on Dropull’s states of Liminality. Publisher: Polis Press. (see here)

Aliaj. B, Kacani. A, (2020) Informal Settlements in the Era of Rights. Publisher: Terra Spectra STU – Central European Journal of Spatial and Landscape Planning. (see here)