Arjola Sava

Assistant Lecturer


Architecture and Civil Engineering


Arjola Sava (Gjeçi) started her educational journey at Polytechnic University of Tirana , Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism . Later on , she graduated from Polis University with a Science Master degree in Architecture and Urban Design .


Arjola, during her first studies in 2016, was involved in a professional internship organized in the Municipality of Durrës, where she got to know the Urban Planning plans of the city as well as the legislations about them. Later, he worked for around 3 years as an interior architect in a local firm, where he gained skills in creating schematic drawings, detailing them, creating construction documents and rendering.
In continuation of the internship and work experience, she has participated in several Workshops, among which it is worth mentioning: in 2018 participation and successful completion of a study course entitled “Imagination of Architecture” held online
from Harvard University. In 2020, she participated in the WSHP TAW Workshop “Architecture of Shame”, organized by Polis University.
In September 2022, it contributed to the integrated program for rural development “100 Villages”.
Since March 2022, she is an assistant lecturer at Polis University in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering as well as Art and Design.
I am currently pursuing postgraduate studies in the Executive Master’s in Restoration, Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage.


Currently, the subjects she teaches in Polis as a lecturer are: Descriptive Geometry, Architecture branch, first year. Descriptive Geometry, Civil Engineering branch, first year.
Assistant Lecturer in the subject of Territory and Settlement Analysis, Architecture, Planning and Urban Management branch, first year.