Computer Network Maintenance

Computer Network Maintenance

Computer Network Maintenance Professional Program (120 ECTS, 2 academic years)
Professional profile

POLIS University aims to offer a pre-university cycle program with a professional character in Computer Network Maintenance. The program is aimed at quality education and training of students who want to specialize in the development of knowledge in the maintenance of computer networks. The Professional Program proposed by POLIS University aims to provide basic formative and practical knowledge on issues and problems related to the structuring and maintenance of computer networks, software systems, network infrastructure and the data management system in general.

The main topics covered by this study program:

The study program contains 120 credits. Credits are calculated according to the ECTS system. One training credit corresponds to 25 teaching hours of student work, consisting of teaching hours for imparting knowledge in the auditorium (lectures, seminars, exercises, laboratories, etc.) and teaching hours for individual preparation or work.

Employment opportunities

Being a professional program with a special focus on professional practice, the program as a whole aims at the professional technical preparation of students, the maintenance of computer networks, as well as the solution of bright problems related to the network. This profession or “craft” is very much in demand today in the labor market and in reality for this level of study it is not widespread in the national academic offer.


Semester I
  • Mathematical Analysis (3 credits)
  • English (6 credits)
  • Basics of Computer Networks (6 credits)
  • Basic Electrical Safety (6 credits)
Semestri II
  • Analog and Digital Electronic (6 credits)
  • Analysis and Configurations (6 credits)
  • IT Administration (6 credits)
  • Software Systems (6 credits)
  • Network Infrastructure (6 credits)
  • Computer Network Maintenance (6 credits)
  • Computer Systems Hardware (6 credits)
  • Data Management Sistem (6 credits)
Semester III
  • Entrepreneurship and Business (3 credits)
  • Artificial Intelligence (6 credits)
  • Academic Writing (3 credits)
Semester IV
  • Laboratory Practice (6 credits)
  • Internship (6 credits)
  • Final Project (15 credits)