Advanced Professional Master in Digital Architecture

Advanced Professional Master in Digital Architecture

Advanced Professional Master in Digital Architecture (60 ECTC, 1.5 academic years, extended time)

Professional profile

The program “Advanced Professional Master in Digital Architecture” aims to provide students with an improved theoretical knowledge in urban development and architectural issues and the practical ability to apply these skills, in public institutions, private private firms and enterprises, specialized non-governmental structures or non-profit or academic and research institutions. The program is not simply a study of the architectural and design process: the added value of the joint degree is the way in which it provides students with a critical understanding of digital tools and their application in today’s architectural practice, including generative methods of creation and automation of the creation of architecture through algorithms and computer logic, production through digital manufacturing tools, analysis and optimization of architectural form and shell through digital analytical tools and above all the understanding and integration of these tools and methodologies in the daily architectural practice of students. In the last 30 years, architecture has adopted the use of digital tools in its creation without changing the processes and methods of making architecture, but simply by changing the application method. Advanced computer tools go beyond the traditional process of making architecture, so their exploration and learning opens up new possibilities for an architecture that uses information technology and digital tools as an added value. Thus, this master aims to equip Master level students with multidisciplinary knowledge and the ability to analyze and understand the diversity of disciplines and actors involved in the ever-changing process of urban development and to translate this into plans and schemes.


Semester I
  • Algorithmic Design 1 (3 Credits)
  • Interactive Environments (3 Credits)
  • Advanced Modeling (3 Credits)
  • Theory of Computational Design (3 Credits)
  • Studio in Computational Architectural Design (9 Credits)
Semester II
  • Algorithmic Design 2 (3 Credits)
  • Digital Fabrication Laboratory (6 Credits)
  • Performative Design (3 Credits)
  • Studio in Advanced Architectural Design (9 Credits)
Semester III
  • Thesis Integrated laboratory (3 Credits)
  • Professional Practice (6 Credits)
  • Diploma (9 Credits)