Issues of Housing, Planning, and Resilient Development of the Territory

Issues of Housing

Issues of Housing, Planning, and Resilient Development of the Territory

Issues of Housing, Planning, and Resilient Development of the Territory

Towards Euro-Mediterranean Perspectives

October 13 – 14, 2023

Conference Theme and Rationale

Albania, along with other Western Balkan countries, has undergone significant economic, social, and political changes in recent years. As a result, housing, planning, and the resilient management of territorial development have emerged as critical issues. This is because these regions face significant challenges in providing affordable housing, addressing the impact of urbanization on the environment, fostering evidence-based decision-making on the territory, and bringing forth the commitments towards climate neutrality.

The organizers use the term “multi-modality” to define complex situations (in matters of territorial planning, management, architecture, housing, public space, technology, etc.) that have historically encompassed Western Balkans and Mediterranean cities in a logic of coexistence and value co-creation. A combination of knowledge and heritage that throughout time and history have given life to civilization in this region of Europe. The active involvement of Albania in the existing network of the Mediterranean Basin and the EU, through a joint action plan with UN / UNECE, and the Albanian and regional authorities, including reputable scientific bodies such as the Academy of Sciences of Albania, makes this conference even more intriguing to explore fascinating areas of research. The conclusions, to be considered as a stage for open innovation, will include recommendations for further scientific and applied research, projects, and events.

The geographical focus of the conference covers three dimensions: i) Albania; ii) the Western Balkans; iii) Euro-Mediterranean countries. POLIS University aims to focus on the above-mentioned research areas that are of common interest to both Western Balkans and Mediterranean cities, including, but not limited to: housing policies, urban history and architecture typology, innovation and digitalization in urbanism, energy efficiency, resilience and environmental sustainability, governance and smart technologies for city management, education and gender aspects in urban planning research.   

In this regard the main aim of this international conference is to bring together scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to examine the pressing issues of housing, planning, and land development in these regions, in a context of transition fatigue, climate challenges and post-pandemic realities. 

Conference Announcement

We are delighted to announce the upcoming International Conference, on October 13 and 14, 2023 in Tirana, Albania.

The conference is organized by POLIS University (U_POLIS) in cooperation with the Academy of Science of Albania, and supported by other local and international partners.

In the framework of resilience, the main conference theme is devoted to Issues of Housing, Planning, and Resilient Development of the Territory from a Euro-Mediterranean Perspective, including Albania, Western Balkans and the Mediterranean Basin. This event aims to bring together academics, policymakers, researchers, experts, practitioners, and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to discuss and address critical challenges related to housing, urban planning, and the development of resilient territories. Following this line of reasoning, the conference tracks are envisioned as below:

  1. Session I: Housing

Track 1.1: Housing Policies

 Housing affordability / Housing and land market / Social housing / Policies and challenges

Track 1.2: Energy Efficiency

Passive energies / Energy efficiency in buildings / Heating and cooling load / Indoor and natural ventilation / Natural lighting / Building materials and technologies

  1. Session II: Planning and Architecture

Track 2.1: Urbanity and Architecture

 Collective and individual housing typologies / Cities and architecture history / Architectural design: Morphology and form / Urban regeneration and conservation / Cultural heritage

Track 2.2: Innovation and Digitalization Approaches to Urban Planning and Architecture

New technologies in planning research (GIS, AI, etc.) / Modelling, simulation, digitization and digitalization / Coevolution of urban development and technology / Automation of design processes in planning, architecture, and engineering

Track 2.3: Resilience in Urban Planning

Socio-economic resilience in the face of macro-regional pressures / Disaster risk reduction / Resilience and sustainability in the natural environment / Adaptive planning / Complexity in territorial development

  1. Session III: Management, Technology, Sustainability

Track 3.1: Governance, Technology, and Management

Territorial governance and systemic management / Cities as viable service systems / Smart city management / Social businesses as driver for territorial development / City-verse and the new cybernetics: AI, VR, AR, and Metaverse

Track 3.2: Towards the Green Deal

Circular Economy practices in WB / Implementation of the Green Agenda for WB: challenges and opportunities for resilient communities / Air, Water and Soil Pollution / Ecosystem Based Planning for Protected Areas / Strategic environmental assessments / Nature-based solutions

Track 3.3: Bridging the Gap between Academia, Citizens and Governance

Education for Sustainable Development / Gender aspects in housing and urban planning research / Citizen participation in climate-related issues

Event Details

Conference Dates: October 13 – 14, 2023

Venue: Academy of Sciences of Albania

Theme: Issues of Housing, Planning, and Resilient Development of the Territory: Towards Euro-Mediterranean Perspectives

Fee: Due to organizational aspects, the conference is equipped with a fee, but given the third and social mission of POLIS University, in this conference the registration fee is totally waived by U_POLIS to encourage young and senior scholars to express their ideas without a financial concern.

Conference Agenda announcement:  October 5, 2023

 Important Dates

Abstract submission (around 300 words):                  25th of June

Notification of acceptance:                                              5th of July

Full paper submission:                                                     30th of August

Notification of acceptance:                                            20th of September

Publication (estimation):                                                  December 2023

Instructional Materials/Templates

(Click on the link to download the abstract template : (link)

Registration and Further Information

Abstract and Paper submission will be sent on the following email:

For registration, submission guidelines, and detailed information about the conference, please visit our official website at and, and for any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact our organizing committee at

Committees and Publication Opportunities

Organizing Committee:

Prof. assoc. dr. Xhimi Hysa; dr. Sotir Dhamo; dr. Elona Karafili; Sadmira Malaj (PhD); akad. Kosta Barjaba; akad. asoc. Gëzim Hoxha; akad. Jorgaq Kaçani; akad. Neki Frashëri.

Scientific Committee:

Prof. dr. Sherif Lushaj; prof. dr. Besnik Aliaj; prof. dr. Tamara Luarasi; prof. dr. Gjergj Ikonomi; akad. Adrian Civici; prof. dr. Neritan Shkodrani; prof. dr. Perikli Qiriazi.

Publication Opportunities:

FORUM A+P Journal (POLIS University)

Albanian Journal of Natural and Technical Sciences – AJNTS (Academy of Sciences of Albania)

Rivista di Studi Manageriali – RiSMa (Department of Management, Sapienza University of Rome)

Participation and Logistics

We invite researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders to submit their original research papers, case studies, and abstracts that address the conference theme. We also welcome individuals who wish to attend the conference without submitting a paper.

The conference will be held in Tirana (Albania) at the premises of the Academy of Sciences in the following address: 8RGF+G48, Shëtitorja Murat Toptani, Tiranë 1000. Visitors from abroad can easily reach Tirana through the main Airport, Tirana International Airport (TIA). From the airport there are shuttle buses and taxis with a fixed rate. For more details check POLIS University is located close to the highway that is the road towards both Tirana center and airport. The Academy of Sciences is in Tirana center where you can find several accommodation options. For any necessity and support, do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee.    

Join us at in a vibrant atmosphere as we explore possibilities and challenges in search of excellence. Do not miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping the future!