Megi Sinani

Megi Sinani

Lecturer assistant


Architecture and Urban Design


Since 2021, Megi has been part of Polis University, in the role of Lecturer Assistant in several subjects that have architectural and urban practices and theories as the focus of their study.
She has some experience in architectural design on objects of different characters, while she has little experience in implementation.
She worked as a volunteer in the Municipality of Durrës, in 2019, where she was part of the group identifying and drafting information on buildings damaged by the earthquake.
She worked as a junior architect at “Son Architects”, where she was involved in projects of various scales, from the interior design of a store to the master plan and planimetric detailing of a residential block.
A graduate of Polis University, Maggie is also an ERASMUS+ Alumna, part of the Summer Semester 2019 program DIA, Anhalt University, Dessau, Germany.
He is currently pursuing a Post Master’s degree in Digital Architecture, where he focuses on the study, interpretation and parameterization of ideas, through the computerization of architectural processes and their experimentation through innovation.


Lab assistant (volunteer) at POLIS University, 2017 (Construction Science; Building Materials), assisting and consulting on assignments.

Part of the re-editing team of the “Construction Materials” dispensation of Prof. Merita Guri, PhD. Aguljeln Marku dhe MSc. David Pemaj.

International Workshop Prishtina Lab 2017, part of the team that assisted doctoral students in the joint Program of POLIS and FERRARA University.

Volunteer at Tirana Design Weeks 2018 (TDW), in the activities and workshops organized at this event.

Participating in Tirana Design Weeks 2016-2019 (TDW), in the activities and workshops organized in this event, such as : “Second Glance”; “Shelter Design”; “Models Inside the City”; “Storytelling Architecture” etc.

Students at the Summer School “Bauhaus” 2018, where the topic of the project was “Revitalizing Huy Castle”, directed by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Pinkau (Director of the Program) and Chelsea Schedler MA MSc (Coordinator).