Kristaq Gjino

Prof. Asoc. Dr.


Scientific Research


Prof. As. Dr. Kristaq GJINO – has about 35 years of academic experience. He has a university degree in mathematical sciences, and has been employed full-time at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, until 2019, being the main lecturer in the subjects ‘Mathematical Analysis’ and in that of ‘Theory of Complex Variable Functions’ in the branches of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. At present time, he continues to work part-time at this Faculty.

Since 2006, he has been a lecturer in the subject of ‘Mathematics’ at Polis University, especially in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Environment, Civil Engineering and Computer Science, being one of the oldest lecturers of this University. He is now also an internal (full time-time) lecturer at U-POLIS where, in addition to teaching, he also contributes as a member of the Council of Professors. He mentors scientific researchers and new academic staff in the department.

Prof. Gjino is author of many scientific articles and publications in his field, including basic university texts that serve to teach mathematics at the 12-year-old and university level of education. He has participated in many conferences and specializations in the country and abroad, standing out as one of the best experts in this field in the country and one of the personalities of the academy and pedagogy for mathematics.