Kejt Dharmi



Planning and Management


Kejt DHRAMI (PhD) has worked as a lecturer at Polis University (FPMMU) since 2015. Currently she is coordinator for planning studies in the MSc program, as well as coordinator for spatial planning and GIS in the professional master program. Kejt’s academic experiences include subjects such as: planning history; advanced urban development laboratory; final thesis studio; and, previously, planning systems; GIS; urban planning laboratory; urban policies; etc. Alongside her academic engagement, Kejt is also employed as a spatial planning and regional development expert at Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, where she currently manages the Territorial Governance Unit.

Kejt completed her doctoral studies in 2020, in the IDAUP (Polis / Ferrara) program, focusing on the relationship between spatial typologies, urban morphology and land development indicators. Kejt has over 8 years of work experience in research, project acquisition, as well as project implementation and management for regional, local and sectoral planning, drafting general local plans, designing regional development programs, disaster risk reduction plans, social housing plans, detailed local plans, territorial development strategies, etc. Her skills extend to GIS database systems management and operationalization. Kejt has managed several initiatives / activities within international projects, funded by USAID, World Bank, IADSA, UNDP, etc., as well as Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects.