Ermal Hoxha

Arch. PhD.


Resource and Information Center


Dr. Ermal Hoxha studied first at the University of Ferrara (IT), in the Architecture department, and then at the Polis University (AL) in the Architecture and Urban Design department. He is currently a Doctor of Science in Architecture and Urban Planning, graduated from the University of Ferrara and the University of Polis.
His thesis topic “Alternative Housing Paradigm. Typological hybridizations and morphological variations for a dwelling innovation in the context of Tirana“, focuses on morphological studies of the urban form and on typological experiments of housing. His academic contribution is mainly in the subjects of territory analysis and urban scale design.
During and after his studies, he has been involved in national projects, such as “100 Villages Academy”, as well as in a series of international workshops, such as Sicily Lab, TAW, and TDW workshops, Ferrara International IDAUP Workshop, Master of Professional Studies ( MPS) in Planning and Promotion of Cultural Landscape.
Ermal Hoxha has contributed as a translator, editor and designer to the publication of several scientific books, such as: “Architecture and Modernity”, “Tirana – The Missing City” and “Composing Architecture”, published by Polis_PRESS.


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