Avrili Meshi

Lecturer Assistant


Architecture and Urban Design


Since October 2021, Avril is an assistant lecturer at Polis University in the Architecture and Urban Design department. From January 2022, coordinator of the Innovation Camp for children and young people from Polis University in collaboration with INNOVATION_Factory (IF).
Avril studied architecture and urban design at Polis University. During the university period, she participated in a professional internship at A0 Studio, where she gained the necessary experience regarding the operation of the work and practical experience in the field of interior architecture and exterior design.
He is currently pursuing a Post Master’s degree in Digital Architecture, where he focuses on the study, interpretation and parameterization of ideas, through the computerization of architectural processes and their experimentation through innovation.


Avril has been part of several workshops inside and outside Polis University.

In 2015, participant in the workshop IDCHSS International Design Competition, Epoka

University, in which he was awarded the first prize.

In 2017, participant in WSHP TDW City Photography, organized by Polis University.

In 2018, participant in WSHP TAW Models Inside the City, organized by Polis University.

In 2019 participated in WSHP TDW Storytelling Architecture, organized by Polis University.

In 2018-2019 participating in the integrated program for rural development “100 Villages”.