“Center of Resources and Information” is a structure next to the Faculty’s unit for Research and Development, a unit specialized in two main columns: BiblioPOLIS and POLIS_Press.

POLIS_Press is the publishing unit of POLIS University and Co-PLAN Institute, which takes care of several categories of publications, including: internal educational texts, public and scientific publications, scientific periodicals, etc.
Some of the publication categories are as follows:

“Forum A+P” is a scientific periodical dedicated to issues of architecture and city planning registered by KVTA (Commission for Evaluation of Academic Titles) in MAS with Decision No. 153, dated 08.10.2010.
This periodical is also registered with international ISSN 2227-7994 in France. The magazine is published in no less than two issues per year, in Albanian and English, and the articles are selected and classified by a Scientific Editorial Board. Scientific articles are accepted on the basis of compliance with the published international academic rules and standards, standards that are checked through independent reviews.
Finally, Forum A+P is switching entirely to English and is in the process of receiving accreditation as an “impact factor” journal, which means maximum scientific procedures and standards.

The periodical Forum A+P has 2 more specialized supplements:
MAD Magazine is one of the specialized supplements that focuses on Multimedia and Art and Design issues. MAD, which is published in Albanian and English, mainly documents the work of the MAD Center research unit of FAB-Lab at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Engineering. This journal holds international ISSN 2304-3822 registered in France. In the issues published so far, issues of photography, fashion design, materiality and exhibitions carried out for various issues related to them, or issues of multimedia, design of engineering structures in the Balkans, housing design, etc.
HABITAT Magazine is another specialized supplement of Forum A+P, focusing on environmental and sustainable development issues. HABITAT, which is published in Albanian and English, documents the work of the Sust_Lab research unit at the Faculty of Planning, Environment and Urban Management, which includes OMB – POLIS-UNECE Center of Excellence. This journal holds international ISSN 2306-8779 registered in France. In the issues published so far, issues of land protection and management, planning movements, housing units in the context of Tirana and the Balkans, etc. have been addressed.

“TG-WeB”, a scientific periodical in the field of territorial planning and governance with a focus on the Western Balkans region, as part of the network of the same name, aims to bring together scientific researchers and policy influencers in this field in the region and more widely in Europe. The initiative comes from U_POLIS and Co-PLAN, with the objective of strengthening the rapprochement of the academic-research community and civil society between WB-EU, and has since been widely supported by interested actors in the 6 countries of the Balkans and the EU. The journal is equipped with ISSN and has a scientific and editorial board that guarantees quality and standard, as well as distribution at regional and European level.

The “PhD Publication Series” is a special series of post-doctoral publications of the scientific works of our researchers over the years, included in the International PhD Program organized by U_POLIS and the University of Ferrara, Italy. This includes publications by POLIS_Press and publications by international publishing houses.
The list of this series can be found here.

Internal Teaching Texts – POLIS_Press and POLIS staff have published academic texts over the years which are made available to the student community in various subjects and programs. The list is here.

Public Publications – The staff of U_POLIS publish their original and not only scientific works, or translate and pronounce at POLIS_Press (with permission from the authors and publishers) books in fields of interest with international reputation that are important public and scientific references. The list is here.

The Informative Gazette or “NewsLetter” – is a periodic informative publication of U_POLIS and the marketing office, which summarizes the main topics, events, activities, workshops and various conferences that take place in U_POLIS throughout the year. This newspaper can also be dedicated at certain times to important events such as TAW_Tirana Architecture Weeks, TDW_Tirana Design Weeks, new editions of U_POLIS, etc. Gazeta Informative is published 2-3 times a year in a combination of Albanian and English languages and is well illustrated.

POLIS and FKZH intend to invest further to establish an “online information source” as a project for the public democratization of information, through the establishment of a “Cultural Center”, which is a project in conception and development, as a means of better communication and cooperation between POLIS and society.