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Welcome to the website of the Association for Electromobility of POLIS University. The association was founded within the ERASMUS CBHE project: PELMOB – Partnership for Promotion and Popularization of Electrical Mobility through Transformation and Modernization of WB HEIs Study Programs. The page aims to present the activities carried out by the EM Association as well as to promote the PELMOB project. The objectives of the PELMOB project are:

1) Improvement and development of existing curricula and programs of bachelor and master studies by the requirements of Bologna and national accreditation standards by implementing new courses in the field of electric mobility.

2) Formation of new laboratories for electric mobility in the countries of the Western Balkans.

3) Establishment and organization of EM associations, which will consist of all relevant stakeholders (schools, public and private companies, local governments, etc.) and citizens.

Electric mobility (EM), and in general low-carbon mobility, is one of the main targets of the European Union’s policies dedicated to a green transition. EU policies are a promotion of sustainable mobility, and EM in particular. The European Union has long identified EM, in the wider context of sustainable mobility, as one of the priorities for the decarburization of transport in all Member States. EM has been considered as a key transition to overcome the fossil fuel dependency of the EU’s transport systems.

All sectors, including transport, will have to go through the decarburization process. The electrification of transport is an inevitable step. To achieve this goal, the establishment of the Association for Electric Mobility through the PELMOB project, in which POLIS University is also a partner, is of great importance. This initiative aims to raise people’s awareness of the benefits of using new, environmentally friendly modes of transportation, which lead to a cleaner environment, especially in cities.

  • Association for the Promotion of Electromobility (APEM)

One of the main goals of establishing the Association for the Promotion of Electromobility (APEM) at POLIS University, is to promote and popularize the use of electric vehicles in traffic. The main activities of the Association are aimed at holding workshops to promote electromobility in local and city communities, participating in the development strategies and encouraging electromobility at the local and regional level, collecting funds for scientific and research work in the field of electromobility, making proposals and opinions regarding the modernization of curricula, etc. Considering the importance and increasing presence of electromobility in the world, the existence and work of the Association represents a significant step forward in monitoring modern trends in the development of technology and society. The purpose of the Association will be demonstrated by bringing together different stakeholders from different sectors of society, such as non-governmental organizations, business people, academic staff, students, individuals, citizens, representatives of local authorities, and others. Its main goal is to raise awareness of the importance of switching to electric mobility. 

  • Action plan for EM Association


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Green Week 22-26 April 2024

One of the important activities of the Association will be the organization of the Green Week event. The purpose of this event is to acquaint the public with the goals of the project but also to raise awareness among citizens and all interested parties about the importance of electromobility. The event itself will last five days and will be organized in the week in which Earth Day is celebrated (in April). Within this five-day event, the EM Association will conduct a series of activities and workshops that will aim to provide both target groups and the global society and owners of electric vehicles with understandable information about the needs for the development of electromobility as well as about the favorable impact on the environment. The project aims to significantly increase the awareness and understanding of the target groups on issues related to electromobility, which will create favorable conditions for the rapid improvement of the quality of EM education in the countries of the Western Balkans.