Association of Former Students (graduate students, or ALUMNI, as they are known internationally), together with the Student Senate, guarantee a very good long-term organization and interaction between the (former) students, administration, academic staff and the university itself, addressing many issues related to the quality of the learning process, infrastructure, staff, curricula, social, cultural and sports life, education for life after school, and success /integration of graduates in the domestic and international labor/professional market. APPLY HERE

Meanwhile, students are also very active in the public life of the country, in “social media”, they open exhibitions, design and promote the image and quality of the University, or help in more detail with indirect marketing, employment opportunities in the network, POLIS_Press publications, or the brand “I LOVE POLIS” in its entirety.

The association of former students_ALUMNI, consists of the Constitutional Assembly and the Executive Board that exercises its activity in close coordination with the governing bodies of POLIS University, and focuses on the professional performance of individuals who have completed their studies at U_POLIS. Through its meetings and activities, the Association helps in the transmission of ideas, initiatives, innovation, collaborations among each other in the community but also in the wider public. These are more than necessary for the students themselves after the graduation process, and especially when facing the labor market.

The governing bodies of the Association are: the General Assembly, the Executive Board and the Chairman. The assembly consists of all active members.

The Executive Board consists of:

Malvina Istrefaj

Chairman (also responsible for ZMSKK – Student Support and Career Counseling Office) – Former students in Architecture + Professional Master + PhD

Silvi Jano

Member, former student in Urban Planning + Master of Science

Kristi Bashmili

Member, Former student in Environment + Professional Master

Enisa Reka

Member, Former student in Civil Engineering + Advanced Master

Aldo Hako

Member, former student in Art-Design / former head of the Student Senate

Gjergji Dushniku

Member, former student in Architecture + Master of Science, (works in Germany)

Pren Domgjoni

Member, Former student in Professional Master from Kosovo (works as an international expert)

Vjollca Zani

Member, Former student at the Vocational School

Erida Curraj

Member, Former student in the PhD Program

Endrit Marku

Member, Former student in the PhD Program (and representative of AUA – Union of Architects, Urbanists, and Urban Planners of Albania)

Members of the ALUMNI association have the right to:

  • To actively participate in the social life and activities of the ALUMNI Association, as well as U_POLIS, AUA, Metro_POLIS, Co_PLAN, and the network of POLIS partners, etc.
  • To be informed about the activities of the ALUMNI Association and to participate in all social functions of the Association through competition
  • To be potential beneficiaries of any of the assistance schemes or programs administered by the ALUMNI Association, and the POLIS network.
  • To benefit from scholarships and professional deepening from this network
  • To exhibit their work in POLIS environments, conferences and activities, in the Gallery-MAD and other infrastructural assets of POLIS University
  • Engage in various projects of U_POLIS, Metro_POLIS, Co-PLAN according to needs, and subject to selection/competition by U_POLIS, Co-PLAN and Metro_POLIS.
  • To benefit from publications/magazines of POLIS University as well as participation in activities or further qualifications at a subsidized/reduced price.
  • To be informed by ZMSKK and POLIS about opportunities and various employment fairs or further qualifications, which come from other companies and institutions in the country and abroad.

In this way, all members of the association have the obligation: to pay the basic membership fee defined in the membership regulations, as well as to enable the ALUMNI association to run smoothly

The Alumni Association has its own Statute and communicates with members through the e-mail/telephone database system declared by each member, as well as through FB/Statute social media and the POLIS Newsletter.