Vjola Ziu



Art and Design


MSc. Vjola Ziu is a designer and has the role of Assistant Lecturer at the Art and Design department at POLIS University. From 2022, Ziu holds the position of Graphic Designer at the marketing office at U_POLIS.

POLIS ALUMNI is where she graduated in Bachelor in “Art and Design” in 2017 and Master in “Applied Design” in 2020.

Beyond the graphic part that she shares with some well-known Italian companies in the Albanian market, Ziu’s experience also extends to the field of photography with a series of collaborations with local and foreign companies. During the period of studies, he participated in 6 collective and 1 personal exhibitions in 2013. She participated in the workshops of Tirana Design Week and Tirana Architecture Week:
BioPlarch, Tirana DressmeUp, Taxonomy-Architecture as an act of curation It was part of the “100 villages” project as a graphic of LOT-16. It was taken with Photography and Design in the “Modules and Models” exhibition. She was co-curator at the “Framing Architecture” Workshop of TAW 2022. He was also co-curator of the exhibition “Design metamorphosis. From concept to creation”. Recently, he was the Art-Director of the “Tirana Design Week 2023” Workshops.