Kristiana Meço



Faculty of Research and Development


PhD.C. Kristiana Meço is an architect who studied MSc. Faculty of Architecture and Design, Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design, POLIS University, Tirana, Albania, 2014-2019, also studied at the Summer School of Architecture, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences -BAUHAUS, Dessau, Germany, June 2017- July 2017, Master in Cultural Landscape Planning and Promotion, UNIMOL University, Molise, Italy, February 2018 – July 2018 Erasmus + Mobility is also now part of the Doctorate studies between POLIS University and the University of Ferrara in Italy where he also studied for 6 months others as part of PhD.Research at UNIBA- Politecnico di Bari March-July 2023. She is employed at POLIS University (Tirana, AL) since 2019 as a Lecturer’s Assistant and Dean’s Assistant. He is part of the Editorial Team board at the Interdisciplinary Journal of Architecture and Scientific Environment Forum A+P.
She participated in the international Re-search project at UNIMOL for: “Cultural Landscape”, “History of Arbëresh in the cultural landscape of Molise”, Italy 2018. She also participated in the development of the project: Academy of 100+ villages, organized from AKPT at POLIS University, Tirana 2018. He has participated in many Workshops and is also a participant in the International Conference on Architecture.


Meço, K. (2023) “Concept of Materialization and Modernity” Interaction Between Modern Conservation and Modernity” Issues of Housing, Planning and Resilient Development of the Territory-Towards Euro-Mediterranean Prespectives.

Meço, K. (2023) “Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Lezha” OMB no.8. Spatial Proposalss for post Pandemic City | Issue 1 & 2

Meço, K. (2022) “Sustainability in Conservation of Cultural Heritage”. IPAU, International Conference on Architecture and Urbanism, Architectural Identity of the City.

Meço, K. (2021) “Report From Durres Earthquake” Forum A+P no.22.Interdisciplinary Journal of Architecture and Built Environment. Scientific Magazine

Meço, K. (2021 “Contemporary restoration models. Is there an alternative regarding the development of historical centres?” Tirana Design Week, Book of Abstract.