Krist Andoni



Scientific Research


Architect Krist Andoni designs and builds architectures that use overlooked materials and discover the beauty of the mundane. He is the freelance architect of  Associates-Studio, a cross-functional team based in Tirana that he leads [after 2017] with his son-partners Endi and Greg Andoni. Balancing imagination with reality, art and science, their work innovates typologies, technologies and methodologies to address issues as diverse as the construction of the landscape to the prefabrication of the house, from good articulation of planning design to feelgood public spaces. From their early works — such as Millenium Cinemas, Union Bank Headquarters, 24 News-Gazeta Shqiptare-Rash Studios or Dajti Hotel Belvedere — to their most recent works — including the Durres Center Apartments and BKT Durres  — every project navigates the uncertain aim of advancing their field. Through next their startup GrAn Design, they are invested in increasing the quality of architecture while making it more affordable by integrating AI technologies.

Architect Krist Andoni  is committed to sharing ideas and cultivating synergies between professional and academic worlds through teaching, lecturing and researching. Since 2007, he has served as holder of a university chair in Architectural Design and Profesional Studio at POLIS UNIVERSITY Tirana.

Also previously served as director manager at Ministry of Culture and Tourism where he was in charge for culture architecture heritage and  culture turism [in 2007-2009].

Above all, he is a doer, who acts rather than merely talking, committed to making poetic ideas happen.