Dhurata Shehu



Scientific Research



MSc. Dhurata Shehu is an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Research and Development, Department of Scientific Research, branch of Computer Science. She has taught at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, and at several other non-public universities. She now contributes to POLIS University as the coordinator of the Master of Science program in Computer Science and as a scientific researcher where she is conducting her “Doctoral” studies at U-Polis and the University of Ferrara, Italy.

Education: “Master of Science” and “Bachelor” in Informatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana. Dhurata also has a series of online professional specializations, as well as exposures and professional mobility in Sweden, Italy, Kosovo. She has participated in a number of national and international workshops and conferences. The last international conference he participated in was the one organized by U-Polis and the Academy of Sciences of Albania with the theme: “Issues of housing, planning, and resilient development of the territory”. He participated in the conference with two articles written in collaboration with Dr. Luca Lezzerini, respectively with the topics:
1.”The challenges of applying Big Data on urban planning practices in developing countries. Case study in Albania”
2. “Virtual Space on Smart cities as a Public Space. Does virtual space impact urban planning?”


Ktona, A., A Mitre, A., & Shehu, D. (2022, December 16). Support Allergic Patients, using Models Found by Machine Learning Algorithms, to Improve their Quality of Life. https://ijisae.org/index.php/IJISAE/article/view/2316