Altin Sula


Altin Sula

Applied Research


  • Post master. POLIS University, Faculty of Environmental Planning and Urban Management,
    Program: Urban Environmental Management, 2013
  • MSc. Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of
    Forest Sciences, Forest Engineer, 2007


Altin Sula completed his studies at the Agricultural University in Tirana, during which time he had the opportunity not only to engage in studies but also in many different trainings and projects.

For a 4-year period, he worked again as an IT consultant, in the business sector, EDEN Center, as well as participated as an active consultant for a number of other organizations such as RER (Regione Emiglia Romagna) Tirana, Mileukontakt, iC Consulenten, Vis Albania, EcoAlbania.

Altin Sula has participated in many trainings and activities organized by local and foreign companies and institutions, which have made him grow professionally.

In addition to his studies and experience, over the years he has been engaged as a project coordinator, mainly in the field of the environment.

It offers training for nature guides contracted by a number of organizations such as PPNEA (Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania), EGNATIA Society, GIZ, British council, Ekolevizja, REC Albania, etc.

Starting from 2007, he has been engaged at POLIS University, and has made a special contribution to the management and maintenance of the IT office, as well as being responsible for the organization of environmental activities.

He is currently engaged as an academic support staff at the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Research Center in Architecture, Engineering and Design and manages the IT office at POLIS University.