Irena Buzi



Art and Design


Dr. Irena BUZI is a lecturer in the Department of Art and Design. In teaching within this department, she is engaged in the subjects “History of Aesthetics”, “Visual Language”, “Painting”, “Modeling” and “Ceramics”.
During her academic experience, Dr. Buzi also taught at the Albanian University (UFO).
In addition to the academic profile, she is a visual arts artist, creating in the disciplines of painting, sculpture and ceramics, over a period of many years.
Also, she is the founder and manager of the “Prince” Publishing House.
Through her activity as a publisher and editor, Dr. Buzi has contributed to the publication of works by important authors of Albanian and foreign letters, such as: Arshi Pipa, Zef Zorba, Frederik Rreshpja, Leon Battista Alberti, Boris Groys, Vasily Kandinsky, etc.


Buzi, I.: design and editor of the work “Zorba, Z. (2021). Work 1: Poetry, Sh.B. Princ”.

Personal exhibition (10.06. -10.07.2021): Irena Buzi: selected works, Mad Center “Gëzim Qendro”, U-Polis.

Buzi, I. Lamaj, A. (26.05.-26.06.2022): curator of the exhibition “Modules and Models”, Mad Center “Gëzim Qendro”, U-Polis.

Buzi, I. Çeraj, E. (2022): Promotion of the work “On spirituality in art, especially in painting” by V. Kandinky, transl. Edi Rama, 2022, Sh.B. Princ, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Tirana.

Buzi, I.: design and editor of the work “Pipa, A. (2022). Correspondence Camaj-Pipa: 1959-1992, Sh.B. Princ”.

Buzi,I. (2022): curation and introduction to MAD (6) Magazine, U-Polis.