Invitation To Tender, Laboratory Equipment (Erasmus CBHE Project)


Invitation To Tender, Laboratory Equipment (Erasmus CBHE Project)

SUBJECT: Invitation To Tender FOR Purchase of “Laboratory Equipment”, in the framework of: Transport of Dangerous Goods – Modernization of Curricula and Development of Trainings for Professionals in the Western Balkans HEIs / DGTRANS

This is an invitation to tender for the above-mentioned supply contract. Please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the tender dossier:

1. Instructions to invitations

2. Draft contract and special conditions, including annexes

  • Draft contact
  • Special conditions
  • Annex i: general conditions
  • Annex ii + iii: technical specifications + technical offer (to be tailored to the specific project)
  • Annex iv: budget breakdown (model financial offer)
  • Annex v: forms

3. Further information

  • List of entities invited to submit a tender
  • Administrative compliance grid
  • Evaluation grid

4. Invitation form for a supply contract

For full information about procurement procedures, please consult the Practical Guide and its annexes, which can be downloaded from the following web page: